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About   The  Awakening  Collective

We have slowly but surely grown.

Completely funded from out of pocket, it all started in Kelli's home in 2016. In August of 2017, Herbin' Sage was officially created and started selling on Etsy and a Facebook group. 





With all the changes happening in the world in 2020, Herbin' Sage went through some changes as well, including rebranding in May of 2020 becoming The Awakening Collective. 


In November of 2020 this location was shut down due to the impacts of Covid and The Awakening Collective transitioned to an online marketplace, launching the website, out of Kelli's home again, which allowed customers to have their orders shipped or picked up curbside.

In May of 2022 Kelli started working on gutting a camper and transitioned it into a mobile shop called The Woo-Woo Wagon. It was parked in her driveway and opened up in September of 2022 to let people shop in person again. 


Herbin' Sage expanded to a larger location in November of 2019 so Kelli could offer Reiki to the local community as well as giving the opportunity to let people shop in person.


The Awakening Collective opened up a new store location in January 2023 and teamed up with her friend, Promise Bakken, as business partners. 

The current store location offers an assortment of crystals, herbs, divination tools, incense, decor, candles, ritual supplies and more. Services offered include, but are not limited to, Tarot Readings, Aura Chakra Photography and Reiki. Classes and events are also taking place. 


The Awakening Collective is the Central Wisconsin hub for all things alike, to enlighten, to inspire, aid in healing on all levels and to collaborate with others in this collective for the highest good.

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