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Artist of the Month


Tammy Yakoléstha Swierczynski

Yakoléstha̲Ɂ, Bear Clan, Oneida & Menominee Nations


Bringing the energy of healing, wellness, safety and empowerment to each piece. Indigenous owned, each piece is handcrafted with the greatest care and infused with love.


 Yakoléstha̲Ɂ, whose English name is Tammy Jo Denny Swierczynski, is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation and a direct descendent of the Menominee Nation, both from the state of Wisconsin where she resides.  


Every piece is made with the specific intention of bringing the wearer a sense of safety, empowerment and peace. The colors, symbols, flowers and animals used are meaningful in the Indigenous culture and specially chosen to bring balance and healing to the wearers mind, body, and spirit.

Tammy isn't currently taking custom orders but once she is it will be announced through our newsletter. Be sure to sign up for updates. You can shop Tammy's current items by clicking on the shop button.

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