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Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

Communication - Peace - Beauty

Abalone Shells are colorful and reflect the beautiful colors of the Sea. These pieces have been tumbled and have their own properties even though they're not of the “Crystalline Family.”

Can gently help you open your psychic and intuitive communications. Ideal for people trying to enter the world of divinity and extra powers. Abalone can help you transform. Has the power to connect to higher energies. Can help you visualize your dreams, seek wisdom, aid in dream recall and karmic therapies. Attracts wealth and prosperity. Naturally shields and blesses the person holding it with tranquility. Suitable to pair with other crystals as it magnifies the energy around it, so when you have a specific intention, your words and thoughts are further amplified.

Can fill the void and help you resolve your inner issues including situations with relationships. It is great in times of tough emotional issues, soothing the nerves and encouraging a calm demeanor. An antidepressant that can bring down anxiety attacks. Offers support when you’re feeling lonely. Excellent for homesickness. Helps with confidence to view situations from a new and more understanding perspective. perfect for those who have survived trauma, while they may have been tossed and turned as the shell has been in the sea, in the end, they are only more beautiful for it.

Ideal for fluid retention in the body. Activates all the chakras and helps attain a sense of total balance. It can relieve disorders in severe or malignant stages too. Excellent for pregnant women as it will help calm the baby in the womb. Protect the body from fatigue to low pressure too. Can increase your stamina and strength! It will help with the relief of arthritis, joint disorders, muscular problems, the heart and the digestive system. It is very helpful for athletes that would like to help build and protect healthy muscle tissue while strengthening the heart muscles!

AFFIRMATION: I am beautiful.
ANGELS: Unknown
DEITIES: Poseidon, Neptune
FLOWERS: Unknown
OILS: Unknown
SABBAT: Unknown
TAROT: Unknown
ZODIAC: Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

This information is not intended to act as medical advice, a diagnosis, or as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult a qualified medical professional for your health. The Awakening Collective does not guarantee results with this product. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product.

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