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Aura Rose Quartz

Aura Rose Quartz

Enthusiasm - Negative Energy - Karmic Ties

These are Rose Quartz crystals that have gone through a process to bond gold and titanium together and the ends results make this colorful, beautiful coating which is called Aura Rainbow. On top of having properties for Rose Quartz, these crystals have unique properties because of the Rainbow Aura coloring.

Rainbow Aura activates all chakras and allows life force energy to manifest. This allows vibrant energy to move in and promotes enthusiasm for life. Rainbow Aura helps in releasing negative emotions, like grief and resentment, and shows projections while bringing insight to any kind of relationship. Rainbow Aura also helps in releasing karmic ties that hold back you or your relationships.

This information is not intended to act as medical advice, a diagnosis, or as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult a qualified medical professional for your health. The Awakening Collective does not guarantee results with this product. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product.

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