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Golden Calcite

Golden Calcite

Support - Balance - Amplify

A nurturing feel-good stone, especially for older women who have had emotional problems and lack self-esteem after menopause; also, for any woman after a hysterectomy who mourns the loss of her fertility and feels she is no longer sexually desirable.

Thought to be good for helping to assist cell, skin and tissue regeneration, diabetes and all blood sugar fluctuations, fertility, bites and stings, back, spine, colon, digestion, intestines, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, nausea; infections when they first appear, bedwetting and stress incontinence, increase libido, for encouraging healthy growth in children.

All Calcites - Powerful amplifiers and cleansers of energy. It removes stagnant energy within the body and is an active crystal that speeds up development and growth. Linked to higher consciousness that helps with the opening of higher awareness and psychic abilities, channeling and out of body experiences. It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember experiences when the soul returns to the body.

Connects the emotions with the intellect creating emotional intelligence and has a positive impact on someone when hope or motivation has been lost. Combats laziness and helps become more energetic on all levels. Calms the mind, teaches discernment and analysis, stimulates insights, boosts memory and helps in knowing which information is important and retaining it. Gives the ability to put ideas into action. Useful for studying. Alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity. Stabilizing and enhances trust in self and strengthens the ability to overcome setbacks.

Cleanses the organs of elimination. Encourages calcium uptake in bones but dissolves calcification, strengthens the skeleton and joints. Alleviates intestinal and skin conditions, stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing. Strengthens the immune system and encourages growth in small children.

AFFIRMATION: I am mindful.
ANGELS: Guardian Angel
DEITIES: Buddha, Dionysus, Bacchus, Diana, Artemis
FLOWERS: Honeysuckle, Water Lily
OILS: Eucalyptus, Kelp, Lemon Balm, Star Anise
PLANET: Neptune
SABBAT: Imbolc, Ostara
TAROT: Unknown
ZODIAC: Pisces

This information is not intended to act as medical advice, a diagnosis, or as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult a qualified medical professional for your health. The Awakening Collective does not guarantee results with this product. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product.

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