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Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper

Protection - Grounding - Balance

Jaspers have been used by people throughout the world for centuries. These sacred and powerful stones are used for protection for both physical and spirituals realms, courage, and wisdom. The name can be traced back to Arabic, Assyrian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Persian. Picture Jasper is characterized by the beautiful “scenes” and landscape patterns formed by nature, and it is believed that these stones contain hidden messages from the past. It is revered in many cultures for its deep connection to Mother Earth, it's protection during journeying, and the ability to divine not only the future, but land. Picture Jasper is perhaps the most closely connected to the planet than any other Jasper and is known as the “Stone of Global Awareness.”

Picture Jasper brings stability and balance to one's life and is a stone of harmony. It stimulates creativity and visualization. It brings forth hidden thoughts and feelings such as fear, guilt, envy, hope and love, so it can be released. If you feel as if you have gone down the wrong path, Picture Jasper will aid in giving you the time and space to sort through those feelings. If you need assistance with inner silence, and recalling early memories, using Picture Jasper will help you process and understand what is inside you.

Picture Jasper stimulates the immune system and helps treat skin and kidney disorders. This stone will also aid in healing during injury, prolonged illness, and hospitalization. It will bring gradual strength, and renewed vitality, while helping to understand the uncomfortable and painful times of healing. If you are trying to quit smoking, it can help remove harmful toxins from your system over time, while helping to decrease the cravings and possible emotional triggers associated with the habit. Picture Jasper also offer protection during pregnancy and childbirth.

This information is not intended to act as medical advice, a diagnosis, or as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult a qualified medical professional for your health. The Awakening Collective does not guarantee results with this product. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product.

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