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Reiki Burnout

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

When I began offering Reiki, I was so excited to help as many people as I could. I gave discounts and kept my rates low because I didn’t want people to not be able to experience the powerful healing of Reiki just because they couldn’t afford it. I would book up to six clients a day. I would schedule extra time with each client, at no extra charge, so I had the time to discuss their session, explain other healing techniques they could do on their own time and answer any questions that they had. I would also schedule time in between clients to ground and cleanse myself and the studio. I remembered to do the intake forms, the client session forms, to file the forms, track payments and everything else that came with being a professional.

But there was one thing that I forgot to do…and that was to set boundaries.

On top of dealing with all types of energies from client to client I was doing free sessions quite often for many people. I would rearrange my personal schedule to accommodate a client’s schedule. My time in between clients was minimized because I didn’t have the heart to end the session and would end up discussing more and giving more guidance than what was originally planned, at no extra cost. Many of my client relationships turned into casual friendships and at times that turned into me being somewhat of a constant personal therapist. I would answer my phone, whether it was phone calls or some form of message, all the time for clients. I had no boundaries set between work and my personal life.

And eventually all of this led to Reiki Burnout. It really is a thing.

So, for now I will not be doing any Reiki Sessions, both in-person and long-distance, until further notice. As much as I love to get to know my clients and talk with them, I am going to have to set boundaries once I start doing sessions again.

If you have found yourself here because you’re also experiencing Reiki Burnout here are some tips that Scott William Thompson from Reiki Rays recommended.

  • Always allow at least 30 minutes in between clients so you can ground, cleanse yourself, your space and any tools that you use during a session.

  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

  • Don’t skip lunch.

  • No more than 4 clients a day no matter how short their session is.

  • Take days off!

  • Keep your clients as your clients.

  • Have 2 social media accounts. One for professional use and one for personal use.

  • Take a vacation! The whole basis of being a Reiki Practitioner/Master is to help others and to have a better quality of life, including you!

- Kelli

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