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Kananga Water Cologne

Kananga Water Cologne


This amazing perfume is one of the tried and true aromas used around the globe by energy workers of all fields. Originally developed by shamans deep in the Amazon this one-of-a-kind aroma has become the staple for thousands of practitioners to this day. 

The scent is based on ylang-ylang, and imparts a very energetic and uplifting frequency while being more grounding and ancient than Agua Florida. Often a staple for men, this aroma invokes a grandfatherly protection into the area and calms down sporadic energies within each person in the room.


Embrace the versatility:

  • Use it as a personal fragrance to envelop yourself in the grounding scent of Palo Santo, enhancing your sense of inner peace and harmony.
  • Apply it to your pulse points for a lingering aroma that evokes a sense of tranquility.
  • Dilute with water in a spray bottle and use to cleanse your ritual tools and altar. Can also be used for space cleansing. This can be done before meditation, rituals, readings or just to cleanse your space or even yourself.
  • Use to wash down floors, doors and walls to wash away negative energy.
  • Use in rituals.
  • Represents the water element.
  • Place a bowl on your altar as an offering to deities and ancestors.



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The Awakening Collective

The Awakening Collective
The Awakening Collective
The Awakening Collective

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