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Originality – Creativity – Sexuality


Sunstone is a joyful, light-inspiring stone. It instills a good nature and heightens intuition. If life has lost its sweetness, Sunstone will restore it and help you to nurture yourself.


Clearing all the chakras and bringing in light and energy, this stone allows the real self to shine through happily. Traditionally it linked to benevolent gods and to luck and good fortune. This is an alchemical stone that brings about a profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun during meditation in everyday life.


Excellent for easing phobias about the dark, enclosed places; also, for any phobia sufferers, to become less fearful of the presence of their trigger. Sunstone is extremely useful for removing “hooks” from other people, whether located in the chakras or in the aura. It detaches the feelings of being discriminated against, disadvantaged, and abandoned. Removing inhibitions and hang-ups, Sunstone reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth and confidence.


May aid all lower-body ailments including the reproductive organs, digestion, stomach ulcers, prostate, feet, legs, Seasonal Affective Disorder, body odor.


AFFIRMATION:  I am proud of the person I am. 

ANGELS:  Sandalphon, Jophiel




CHAKRA, SECONDARY:  Solar Plexus, Root

DEITIES:  Sol, Sulas, Solaris


FLOWERS:  Dandelion, Marigold, Sunflower, Morning Glory


OILS:  Benzoin, Copal, Cyphi, Frankincense, Honey, Tangerine, Bay


SABBAT:  Beltane, Litha

TAROT:  The Sun

ZODIAC:  Leo, Libra


Size: ¾” - 1”

Origin: India

Mohs: 6.5 - 7


Photo shows representative examples. Each stone is different and unique. This information is not intended to act as medical advice, a diagnosis, or as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult a qualified medical professional for your health. The Awakening Collective does not guarantee results with this product. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product.

The Awakening Collective

The Awakening Collective
The Awakening Collective
The Awakening Collective

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