Record Keepers, which are quite rare, have at least one natural occurring recessed or raised triangle on the face of the termination, or point, of the crystal. Record Keepers that have many triangles on them are considered Master Record Keepers. These triangles are usually found on crystals related to the Quartz family but can also be seen on other crystals such as Kunzite, Ruby as well as a few others. They are typically small and can often only be seen with a magnifying glass and/or reflected light. It is extremely challenging to get decent pictures of them!


Think of a Record Keeper as a portal to spiritual wisdom and a magical library that has a vast amount of information about past lives, the Akashic Records and information relevant to your current life path. Many will also use Record Keepers to access knowledge and wisdom from ancient times and their ancestors. Get in touch with your Guides, enhance and even unlock dormant intuitive abilities. Explore your inner self and let your Record Keeper act as a catalyst to help with your growth and remove obstacles that are in your way.


To access this information, meditate with your Record Keeper. It can be placed over the Third Eye, or any other chakra, to help remove blocks. You can also hold your Record Keeper and lightly rub your finger over the pyramid which is said to open the library. Excellent for Astral Traveling and Shamanic Journeys.