Peace - Transformation - Intuition


Saffordite, also known as Cintamani Stone, is a bit of a mystery when it comes to where they are originally from. Currently, they can only be found in Stafford, Arizona, from where it gets its name. They are often sold as a Tektite but it is believed they are actually a rare type of Obsidian that was formed by volcanic eruption throwing molten magma into the sky that would solidify into volcanic glass as it fell. They are usually round as they have been tumbled and shaped by the surface of the Earth and weather for millions of years. The average size is only a few grams making larger sizes very rare.


Historically, it has been said that the stone was treasured in Asia by Tibetan monks. They would carry it with them during their travels and gift them to foreign leaders they would meet on their journeys as a sign of peace and reconciliation. They were also given to foreigners who lodged at their temples to bring them peace.


This stone converts all vibrations it is fed into new vibrations of love and light. It is also called a wish-fulfilling stone. Saffordite can also strengthen your connection to your intuition and help you progress smoothly during your transformation journey. It is oftentimes used for connecting to your higher self and ultimately meeting your higher purpose.



-Bury on your property to deflect negative and undesirable energies.