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Aura Chakra Photography

Aura Chakra Photograhy

Aura Chakra Photography is a service that will show you the colors your Aura and the state of your chakras. The end result is a beautiful portrait and in-depth report of your Aura and Chakras as a snapshot of that moment. The 20+ page report includes...

-Photo of Aura

-Photo of Chakras

-Aura Color Type

-Aura Size

-Chakra Size & Shape Overview

-Chakra Activity

-Aura Chakra Balance

-Color Wheel / Yin-Yang

-Mind-Body-Spirit Graph


-State of Mind-Body Graph

-Stress/Relaxation Graph

-Energy Level Graph (Intuitive, Mental, Emotional, Physical)

-Aura Color Overview

-Aura Color Analysis that has a focus on Mind/Energy, Social Life, Relationships & Intimacy, Career & Finances, Health, Well-Being & Growth.

$40 per session. Sessions can be done same day or with bookings. Contact us in advance for same day sessions. 

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

7 Card Tarot Reading - $30

I used my intuitive abilities to develop my own spread. You will get the following cards: Past, Present, Future, Next Steps, Influencing Energy & Possible Outcome. No yes or no questions. I suggest using this spread if you have questions regarding anything general in your life outside of relationships.


Connection Spread - $40

Order this spread if you have questions regarding a close relationship. Find out what could be going on with them and get advice on how to move forward.


Relationship Spread - $60

This spread will examine you, your lover, the connection in general and if there are any suggested next steps that the two of you should take together.

Contact us to book your reading.



Cost is $1 per minute. Contact us to book your session.

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