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Reiki with Kelli

Everything around us is composed of energy, including us. Reiki is that part of us that is still part of the Universe. It is the conscious energy that flows through me to you. This process clears blocks left from negative emotions, memories, and physical pain stored in your physical frame. The result of which allows you to heal.

mindfulness, spirituality and healthy lifestyle concept - woman meditating in lotus pose a

Aura Chakra Photography

Discover your unseen energy by unveiling the colors of your aura and the state of your chakras. The colors of your aura provide insight into your well-being and may uncover some details about your life that should be addressed.

mindfulness, spirituality and healthy lifestyle concept - woman meditating in lotus pose a
The Awakening Collective


Don’t navigate life challenges on your own, Kelli is here to help. We can discuss things related to: spiritual guidance, goals, business, relationships, or anything else that is challenging in your life!

House / Business Cleansing & Blessing

Let us refresh the energy in your home or business by coming in to clear and bless it.

Smudge - The Awakening Collective
Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Huna with Greg

Huna is the healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii. Greg will enhance your energy by integrating guidance tools into your energy field and various techniques to help raise your own energy levels.

Image by Pasha Chusovitin

Crystal Triangle LightBody Activation

With Greg, raise your frequency and vibration level of your body and your emotional, mental, and spiritual fields to 5th dimension levels.

Image by Pasha Chusovitin
Image by Katherine Hanlon

Reiki with Greg

A laying of hands to channel The Creators Universal Life Force Energy into your body for your highest good.

Image by Valentina Pescape'

Shamanic Healing with Greg

A blend of Huna, Crystal Triangle LightBody Activation, and Reiki.

Image by Valentina Pescape'
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