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Amanda Veeser

Psychic Medium

I was only two years old when we moved into a new house. I was afraid of the basement. Not just a little scared, I’m talking petrified. My mom got it though, because she was afraid of it too. She started to sense a presence and that developed into seeing a spirit. She figured I felt and saw the same. One night, I woke from my toddler slumber and wandered down to the kitchen. It was Smokey and smelled of an old tavern. There were men, one a cowboy, playing cards at my kitchen table. Their game playing talk and laughter is what woke me. They looked at me and the cowboy told me to go back to bed, so I listened. The next morning, I asked my mom who the men in our kitchen playing cards the night before was. She asked a few questions and when I mentioned the cowboy, she was certain I could see spirits, just like her, her mother, her grandmother, and I’m sure many generations of women before them.

All throughout my childhood, I could feel, see and hear different presences and spirits. Some were good, some very dark, one was my imaginary friend. Research as an adult proved that my ‘imaginary friend’ was in fact the spirit of a little boy who had passed.

As I came into my teenage years, I suppressed my visits from spirits because they made me feel crazy, like I was weird, or something was wrong with me. But this is when I became highly intuitive. It started as a gut feeling and developed into very specific visions I just couldn’t ignore. This intuition saved me from many bad situations as a teenager. Things as simple as avoiding negative people, to skipping parties where fights broke out or the police showed up, to devastating car accidents.

It wasn’t until well into my adult years that I finally started honing into my intuitive abilities, that I found my passion and true calling. And oddly enough, I found it by accident. I started to sense pregnancy. Not in myself, but in those around me. Complete strangers and random acquaintances I never even spoke to. I could feel the pregnancy, the gender of their baby and important dates regarding their pregnancy.

It started on a whim. I decided to try and read tarot cards, but it turned into so much more. As i began reading for friends and family, my intuition strongly took over the reading and the cards just guided me and confirmed my intuitive feelings.

I have been doing fertility and pregnancy intuitive tarot card readings, as well as gender predictions, for almost two years. It still amazes me and gives me great joy when I can guide people along their very sensitive, intimate and vulnerable journey to parenthood.

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