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Rob Thompson

Spirit Medium

British Spirit Medium Rob Thompson & his spirit guide ‘Josie’ travel far and wide including England, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, India, Africa, Indonesia, the USA & Canada.

For over the last decade Rob has been sharing his extraordinary abilities on the tv show ‘The Ghost Finders’. He is a student of renowned mediumship master teacher DeEtte Ranae who studied under celebrity British Medium Lisa Williams. Rob attends events as guest speaker throughout the US & around the world and teaches paranormal research at Los Angeles City College. In addition to ‘The Ghost Finders’ Rob has appeared on the Travel Channel.

Show ‘Paranormal 911' and in the upcoming new season of ‘A Haunting’ on Discovery+. Rob’s objective is helping reconcile spirit with loved ones in order to find mutual peace, comfort and closure. Whether you book a private session online or meet him in person the warm & gentle, reassuring peace & revelation of a reading with one of the UK’s most extraordinary Mediums is truly the experience of a lifetime.

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