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The Island Intuitive

Psychic Medium

One of my first awakenings was on a train during a daily morning commute into work at the World Trade Center when in my head I heard, "person on tracks, person on tracks, person on tracks". Moments later, the train came to a screeching halt, sending its passengers flying into the backs of the seats in front of them. With that, the conductor entered the car in which I was seated announcing loudly, "Ladies and gentlemen! We will be exiting this train and boarding another one shortly because we just hit a person on the tracks!"

The experiences continued in my life regardless of my corporate career location; be it Norfolk, VA, Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia. Realizing there was more to these than just being mere "coincidences", I decided to learn more about spirituality. Later on the advice of well-respected spiritualists, I decided to pursue development of my psychic and mediumship gifts. After years of attending classes, workshops and studying under renown James Van Praagh, I founded my practice, The Island Intuitive. I am honored in delivering messages on behalf of Spirit and assisting others who search for answers and understanding from the realm beyond.

Spirit speaks to us in its own language; one which we are sometimes unaware of or confused by. It is my honor to act as a conduit in translating and delivering those messages. Messages may be received in a variety of ways via forms of divination such as photo reading, Spirit card readings, scrying, psychometry and Auto-Writing.


All readings given by myself, a trained medium/Spirit messenger, are given for entertainment purposes only. Results of readings are based on existing energies at time of readings. Course of circumstances may be altered upon application of one's free will.

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